GoLite Footwear Introduces BareTech Technology

GoLite BareTech Technology

For the Fall 2010 line of footwear, GoLite introduces BareTech Technology. Combining their patent pending Soft Against The Ground technology with a new, natural shoe last, BareTech promises to deliver a more natural and stable stride while keeping you light on your feet. 

BareTech Technology is engineered to compliment your natural gait while walking barefoot with functional protection and stability control. GoLite has done this by taking a completely new look at heel lift, heel flare and midsole construction.

Very similar to the Hoka Shoes concept, Soft Against The Ground technology takes the cushioning out of the midsoles and puts it into the actual sole of the shoe. The soft sole not only absorbs shock to protect your body but also absorbs the uneven terrain beneath your foot. By absorbing the irregularities in the terrain, the lateral motion of your foot is reduced, giving you a smoother and more stable stride. 

The natural shoe last mimics the position of your foot as if you were walking or running barefoot. There is no lift or flare in the heel as with other trail shoes or hikers, putting your heel at the same level as your toes.  This natural design spreads pressure evenly across the bottom of your foot, eliminating the need for fat midsoles.

GoLite's new EVA Paw Pad sole uses larger, flatter lugs to reduce weight, increases durability and provide smarter traction. A wedge shaped leading edge on the heel lugs assist in braking, while the same configuration on the trailing edges of the forefoot lugs aid in propulsion.

BareTech Technology will be featured throughout GoLite's entire Fall 2010 line of footwear from their new set of Trail Runners to the uberlight, waterproof Timber Lite hikers.

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