X-Bionic Launches Apani Technical Merino Base Layer

X-Bionic Apani technical merino base layers

Swiss company X-Bionic, know for their technical clothing, is launching a whole new brand called Apani. Using 100% all natural materials and mixing a bit of fashion with their technical function, X-Bionic hopes Apani will attract the more eco-conscious consumer. Their new merino base layer line is a unique fusion of the company's famous technology and design with 100% natural fabric. 

Apani takes merino wool and gives it intelligent sweat management by weaving it into a complex, three dimensional design. Called the 3D BionicSphere system, the merino dries, cools and warms exactly when and where your body needs it. Strategically placed SweatTraps absorb excess sweat and wick it away to be evaporated. As you continue to sweat during activity, an undetectable thin film of moisture is left on your skin in order to let your body cool, since no sweat equals no cooling. 

Inner and Outer AirChannels in the system work together to wick away the excess sweat up to the Evaporation Surface Expander. When you rest or stop activity, the wicking process stops and the warm air trapped in the AirChannels acts as an insulation layer to protect your body from cooling too quickly. 


At ISPO, the X-Bionic team had people run around the show floor to work up a sweat in their 3D BionicSphere base layers. They then threw the volunteers into a cryo freezer and monitored their core body temperatures with thermal imaging to demonstrate how the technology can trap and retain heat.

Other base layer features include protective ExpansionRibs on the elbows and knees. The layered fabric here folds apart like an accordion during movement. A system of chambers and channels traps warm air so that when your joints are bent and the fabric stretches thin, you remain warm. The back of the knees have a strategically placed SweatTrap to wick away the excess moisture that often accumulates here. 

InsulationPads covering the thigh muscles assist the retention of heat, reducing your chance of injury. Shaped like waves, the fabric cushions cover a large portion of the thigh muscle trapping in warm air. The inner thigh area by contrast is only covered in a finely knit mesh as this area of the leg has the most muscle mass. The shoulder areas have the save wave of insulation fabric to keep them warm. 

Watch below how the X-Bionic 3D BionicSphere system works: 


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