Morvelo Bike Clothing

Morvelo Bicycle Clothing

Another UK bike clothing startup is generating some buzz. Brighton based Morvelo started out selling cycling themed T-shirts and has now graduated to full on performance gear. Morvelo bike clothing is inspired by all bike types, the culture and the simple joy of riding.

Last year, founders Oli Pepper and Dave Marcar became fed up with the lack of casual clothes aimed at cyclist or clothes that were targeted at only one kind of cycling. The pair decided to create their own line of casual clothes that would represent and unite all types of bikes.

Morvelo aims to be bike agnostic, embracing mountain biking, road racing, cyclocross and even fixie hipsters. Most bike riders today enjoy multiple kinds of cycling or progress from one sport to another. Morvelo wants to be a symbol of all riders coming together to celebrate the bike in general. 

Morvelo continues to sell their popular line of limited edition bike themed T-Shirts. In order to keep the designs fresh and unique, each T-shirt is printed only in limited quantities and updated often. The style is very much pop culture meets the sport of cycling. 

Morvelo has recently released a full line of performance clothing including a cycling jersey, socks, caps, arm warmers and cycling jackets. In keeping with the pop culture style, the arm warmers have "T.T.F.U" printed on them as an homage to Stuart O'Grady's 2008 Tour de France message and the cycling jerseys sport "Pure Sweet Hell" for the legendary Cyclocross film.

You can order Morvelo bike clothing online at the Morvelo store

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