Bike Porter Integrated Handlebar And Basket

The Bike Porter by Danish bike gear company Copenhagen Parts is an integrated handlebar and basket that will bring urban style as well as function to your fixie or cruiser.  Designed by Goodmorning Technology, the Bike Porter is the first product release for Copenhagen Parts and recently won them a Bike Expo Brandnew Award. 

Copenhagen Parts was established in 2009 by a group of bike enthusiasts who also just happen to be designers. The company says they are on a mission to develop the coolest bike parts for the world's coolest bike lovers. 

The clean and simple line of the Bike Porter is made from heat-treated aluminum alloy tubing and rod, leaving it lightweight and robust. The integrated handlebar and basket is designed to easily attach to your bike stem, mounting just like a normal handlebar. 

The Bike Porter only works with A-head or 2-part stems. These stems allow you to change the handlebars without stripping the bar of grips and other fittings. To install your Bike Porter simply dismount your normal handlebar by un-securing the bolts on your 2-part stem. Then replace your handlebar with the integrated handlebar and basket and re-secure the bolts. It's that easy. 

The Bike Porter comes in 6 different colors: gold, blue, pink, silver, white and black, so you can easily coordinate with your overall bike color scheme. The basket measures 50cm x 40cm x 23cm and weighs 1638 grams. The Bike Porter can safely carry up to 15kg and the diameter of the tube grip area is 22.2mm, the standard inner diameter for grips. 

You can order your own Bike Porter integrated handlebar and basket from select retailers worldwide, found on the Copenhagen Parts website.  

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