Granger’s G-Max Footwear Waterproofer Review

Granger's G-Max Universal Footwear Waterproofer

Granger's recently sent me their
G-Max Universal Footwear Waterproofer
and One Step Wash & Waterproofer to test out and see what I thought. Granger's line of aftercare cleaning and waterproofing products help you protect, restore and extend the life of your outdoor gear. 

The G-Max Universal Footwear Waterproofer is a non-aerosol, water-based formula that delivers waterproof performance and maximum stain repellency while maintaining breathability of the original materials. It is suitable for all types of footwear including Gore-Tex, eVent, leather, nubuck, suede and fabric.

I decided to put Granger's footwear waterproofer to the test on my brand new pair of Keens (seen below). It was a particularly wet Spring here in Northern California so I welcomed the added water and mud repellency on my hikes. 


For the test, I sprayed my left shoe with the G-Max Universal Footwear Waterproofer and kept the right one as normal. After a few weeks of hiking with Lola around Marin, you can see that the right shoe below has absorbed much of the mud and dirt while the left one still appears relatively clean. It's not a monstrous difference after only a few weeks, but it is definitely noticeable. 


Granger's uses the same DWR (durable water repellent) finish technology as all the major outdoor fabric manufacturers. So by using Granger's products, you are simply restoring the original treatment or adding a DWR finish onto a fabric that has not been treated. DWR finish does not affect or inhibit fabric breathability in any way, it is simply there to protect the face fabric from becoming saturated with water and dirt.  

You will know your gear's DWR finish is working when precipitation beads up on the outside of the fabric instead of soaking in as it would do on say an untreated cotton t-shirt. I found that the rain beaded up much more on my treated left shoe than it did on my right shoe. 

The nice thing about Granger's products is that they are environmentally friendly. Granger's developed the first environmentally friendly water based proofing treatments over 40 years ago and has continued to be at the forefront in producing environmentally responsible aftercare products, even becoming a bluesign partner. 

Bottom Line: At only $10 for a bottle, it sure can't hurt to protect and restore your outdoor footwear so they will last longer. Buying Granger's
G-Max Universal Footwear Waterproofer
is definitely cheaper than buying a whole new pair of boots or shoes!  

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