Oliver Wooden Bikes

Oliver Wooden Bikes

Romanian designer Babos Attila was fascinated by the beauty and special vibration of old wooden bikes he saw at a museum as a child. To recreate the wooden bike of his dreams and share their warm, friendly nature with the rest of the world, Babos decided to focus his family's wood crafting business on creating the Oliver wooden bikes. 

The Oliver wooden bike is a handmade bike, made from massive oak and thin layers of oak tree glued together. Once constructed, the wood is waterproofed with an ecological water-based varnish. The varnish gives a natural oak tone appearance but the wooden bike can be ordered in any color you like as it is easy to paint or stain. 

The Oliver wooden bikes come in both a Cruiser and Electric Cruiser style. Both styles feature a genuine leather SelleRoyale height adjustable saddle. The more professional bike accessories include Shimano crank and pedals and a Trelock speedometer.  

Arched handlebars hold the battery activated front light which runs on AAA batteries. A custom rain cover is sold separately and a carrier can be installed on the Cruiser version. The Electric Cruiser comes equipped with two rear battery boxes. 

The Oliver wooden bikes are meant to draw you back to nature in order to enjoy the simplicity and freedom of being outdoors while at the same time reducing your impact on the environment. You can order your wooden bike from the company website. The Cruiser starts at €2,650 and the Electric Cruiser at €3,250. 


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