Mammut Burny Mini Headlamp


Mammut's new Burny mini headlamp is small, lightweight, robust and cute. Using a clip or even a rubber band, this featherweight mini headlamp can be attached to your backpack, arm, bicycle handlebars or saddle for extra safety and direction on any adventure.  

The ideal universal light source, the 20 gram Burny mini headlamp enables you to be seen from a distance of up to 500 meters. Two white SuperBRIGHT LEDs illuminate the surrounding area up to 12 meters in front of you in a 30-degree wide light cone, perfect for packing your backpack or a quick look at your GPS. 

A flashing red LED light for use behind you makes you visible from up to 500 meters away, whether you are mountaineering, skiing, cycling or running. The Burny mini headlamp, requires a double click for operation to ensure the LED lights don't burn out accidentally while in your pocket or backpack. 

The Burny takes 2 CR 2032 batteries and will burn for 60 hours with the two front white LEDs shining, 90 hours with the red LED shining continuously and 160 hours with the red LED flashing. 

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