G-Form Shock Absorbing Brake Hoods And Pads

G-Form shock absorbing brake hoods

New Rhode Island company G-Form has taken the latest gel compounds being used in shock attenuating medical devices and applied them to the world of cycling. With an initial range of brake hoods, knee and elbow pads, G-Form has set out to protect cyclists and mountain bikers form vibration and impact injuries. 

The G-Form Brake Hoods are embedded with a proprietary pressure relief gel that dampens the vibration in your hands, arms and shoulders, helping to reduce fatigue. The brake hoods feature soft, low durometer gel on the top of the hood to absorb vibration with a strong quality hood construction below. 

The G-Form Brake Hoods will be available starting December 1st for Shimano and SRAM models. 

G-Form Brake Hood Gel Overgrips

If you don't want to buy entirely new brake hoods but still want the benefit of the vibration dampening gel, you can try the Brake Hood Gel Overgrips. The overgrips are gel packs that you can stick on top of your current brake hoods with a sticky, no residue adhesive.

The G-Form Brake Hood Gel Overgrips will be available starting October 15th. The company gave me a couple at Interbike to try out so I will let you know how they perform. 

G-Form Elbow and Knee pads

Specially for all you mountain bikers, the G-Form Elbow and Knee pads are the first flexible, molded, rate-dependent impact pads.  The pads are made with Poron XRD foam that is flexible during normal wear but stiffens upon impact to absorb the shock. The ridges and hinges of the pad are specifically designed to flex with your elbow and knee to ensure complete protection. 

The G-Form Elbow and Knee pads come in sizes XS-XXL and will be available starting December 1st. 


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