Kelty LumaTwist And LumaPivot LED Camping Lanterns

Kelty LED camping lantern

For Spring 2001, Kelty is introducing a whole new category of innovative camping lanterns. Utilizing a twisting and pivoting system, the LumaTwist and LumaPivot LED lanterns are a unique and fun way to illuminate your campsite, tent or even backyard.

Two 360-degree rotating LED panels allow you to aim light in an infinite number of directions, making the Kelty camping lanterns versatile enough for use in any situation. The two LED panels rotate independently to provide you with either direct or indirect light. 

The 360-degree direct pivot panels on the LumaTwist LED lantern (pictured above) each contain 13 individual LED lights. With two brightness settings, these panels give off 350 lumens worth of bright, clean light on the high setting and 125 lumens on the low setting. The LumaTwist camping lantern runs on 2 D size batteries and will shine up to 50 hours on the low setting.

Kelty LumaPivot LED lanter

The LumaPivot (above) is a more compact version of the LED lantern with dual pivoting panels of 15 LED lights. On the high setting, the camping lantern puts out 210 lumens of light for up to 6 hours, while the low setting puts out 112 lumens of light for up to 12 hours. The LumaPivot is powered by 6 AA batteries and weighs under a pound. 

The LumaTwist will retail for $59.99 and the LumaPivot for $49.99. 

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