New Moosejaw Apparel Designed By You

Moosejaw Apparel

Online retailer Moosejaw has turned to you, the customer, to design their latest apparel line. Moosejaw gathered up a group of long standing loyal customers, named them the Humans of Influence, then let the group loose to determine the direction and details of the new apparel line.  

The Humans of Influence helped decide apparel pieces as well as features like color, pocket placement, thumb holes and MP3 compatibility. In appreciation for their help, each piece in the new Moosejaw apparel line was named after one of the Humans of Influence. For example, the women's down jacket was named after Katie Swartzloff who, after Googling her name, quite fittingly lives in Chicago.

The customer designed Moosejaw apparel line includes a long down jacket for women and a reversible down jacket for men. The women get a set of yoga clothes including pants, tank and jacket. Both sexes get soft shell jackets, fleece jackets and vests, a lightweight fleece jacket and a collection of hoodies and T-shirts. 

As nothing is quite straightforward with Moosejaw, each of the 13 apparel pieces features a label with interesting reads such an Emergency Discussion Topics (for example, "Who would win in a fight, a ghost or a lion?"), Other Uses For This Jacket, High Praise, and Things To Consider.  

The new apparel line designed by the Humans of Influence is available online at Moosejaw. 

So what do you think about customers helping to design gear? Would you like to see more brands doing this?

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