Body Glove Releases New Pr1me Fullsuit Wetsuit

Body Glove Pr1me Wetsuit

Body Glove is looking to follow the success of the Vapor wetsuit with the release of a new fullsuit wetsuit called the Pr1me. Using a radical new blend of materials coupled with unique design features, the Pr1me is set to become the warmest and most flexibile fullsuit on the market. 

The Pr1me fullsuit wetsuit is built from a new composite blend using the lightest, most flexible foam, super stretchy laminates and the warmest insulation to make the highest performance material combination. 100% external fluidseal seams use a liquid tape designed specifically for advanced stretch materials.

The new top entry design pattern eliminates two layers of neoprene over the right shoulder, giving you more stretch and freedom of motion. The EZ Entry system uses a 15% shorter zipper with an engineered lower placement for a sleek, comfortable, advanced suit entry that keeps water out and enhances flexibility for improved paddling efficiency.

Newly designed Nano Tritec Kneepads in the Pr1me fullsuit allow for added flexibility and comfort but remain durable for bulletproof protection.  The wetsuit features fused ankle, neck and wrist finishes with a secure double lock S-Seal for the wrist and ankles. The internal Pyrostretch insulation feels soft on the skin, retains more heat and holds less water. 

Ahead of the major consumer launch, Body Glove will be releasing 131 limited edition Pr1me fullsuit wetsuits to 15 select retailers (most are in Southern California) starting this Tuesday, November 23rd. 

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