Pre Season Ski Training With Ski Simulator

Ski Simulator

Loveland has opened and all other ski areas are furiously making snow. Instead of simply dreaming about powder for the next few weeks, exercise on the Ski Simulator for just a few minutes a day and you can be in top ski shape by the time you hit the slopes this winter. 

The ski simulator is a trainer that provides the best ski carving simulation without actually being on the slopes. The machine forces you to engage your entire body in a natural skiing motion, which will ultimately help to prevent injury and sharpen your ski senses through improvement of balance, endurance, coordination and reflexes. 

Ten minutes of ski training supposedly simulates 500 turns on the slopes, equal to around 3-5 ski runs. The ski simulator is useful for beginners up to pro skiers as the level of difficulty or grade of the ski slope can easily be changed.

The Standard and Pro ski simulator models come with a ST Control Computer that uses magnetic angle and position sensors to asses the quality of your training, execution of movements, number of reps made and training tempo. All data is stored on a USB drive so you can analyze the data on your computer. 

The Ski Simulator is sold globally- the Pro version retails for $997.95 in the US and can be purchased from SkiForm.


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