The Cave Inflatable Tent

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German company Heimplanet has been working for years, traveling all over China, to perfect the design and supply source for their inflatable tent idea. Inspired by the efficient and stable molecular structure of a diamond, the two founding Stefans believe they have finally realized the perfect design. 

The inflatable tent uses double layer air beams constructed in a diamond grid pattern outer shell. The air beams are made from an air tight TPU bladder that is enclosed in a polyester casing for protection and extra stiffness.

The diamond grid structure uses a multi-chamber safety system to prevent total collapse in the case of one small leak. Upon inflation, the grid separates into 5 independent sections for emergency stability and easy replacement. 

The rounded floor design sleeps up to three people or holds up to six people sitting, leaving plenty of room for gear. Pitching the inflatable tent takes less than one minute with no awkward tent pole assembly required. Simply pump up the outer diamond grid structure, attach the inner nylon tent and away you go.

The Cave inflatable tent will debut at ISPO in February. The team has chronicled their journey from concept to final product over on their Born In Tents blog- pretty fascinating read!


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