VentureHeat Battery Heated Clothing

VentureHeat Battery Heated Clothing

Looks like Columbia won't be the only one on the market with battery heated clothing next year.  Los Angeles company VentureHeat now offers an entire line of heated gear including base layers, gloves, vests, fleece and soft shell jackets, enabling you to stay comfortably warm despite the cold. 

VentureHeat utilizes thin micro-alloy heating components strategically positioned in areas of your body that need heat the most such as your upper body and perimeter of your fingers. The VentureHeat outerwear features two panels in the front chest area and one large heater in the back, spreading and even level of warmth across the rest of your upper body.

The 602 lithium-ion battery comes with a temperature controller including four different heat settings (pre-heat, low, medium, high), allowing you to customize your comfort level. The battery lasts for 1.5-7+ hours depending on heat level setting and will endure 500+ charges.

Zonal heating control means you can choose on which area to focus the heat. You can either heat just the two front panels, just the rear panel or get completely warm by simultaneously heating both.

VentureHeat battery heated clothing

The VentureHeat battery heated clothing line includes jackets which retail for $169-$199, vests for $149, base layers for $119 and gloves for $59-$249, with basically one color choice-black. If you are really adventurous, the company even sells a heated snuggie called the Huggie Buddy!

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