Snowboard Gear Designed For the Pacific Northwest

Homeschool Snowboarding Technical Outerwear

Officially launching at SIA next month, new Oregon company Homeschool Snowboarding is designing high quality, durable snowboard gear that can stand up to the constantly changing winter conditions of the Pacific Northwest. The company's motto is "The Northwest isn't California dreaming and we like it that way."

Homeschool was started by Danny Clancey, who then brought on board Jevan Lutz and team rider Joel Fuquay. Danny has previously worked for large companies, such as Ride and Columbia, where he became tired of witnessing snowboard gear being designed by committee as well as by people who don't necessarily snowboard. 

The Pacific Northwest has unique weather, from freezing fog and rain to deep powder, and demands a lot from your snowboard gear. Danny didn't see these particular needs being addressed so decided to branch off and start his own company. 

The look of Homeschool Snowboarding is inspired by the 90s but updated with better construction and technical fabrics for a clean and mean look. The 3.5 layer hardshell is almost indestructible and looks new after a season of hard use (no word yet on the waterproof breathable fabric used). Homeschool's special hood design helps to shield the wind your face.

To help deal with the often warm and wet weather of the Northwest, Homeschool turned to Cocona fabric for all their midlayer and baselayer designs. These two layers help the hardshell work better by exponentially enhancing moisture wicking and breathabilty.

Homeschool Snowboarding outerwear will be moderately priced at $225 – $375. I will update you with more details on the whole collection after SIA at the end of January. 

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