Beal Uni Core Enhances Climbing Rope Safety

Beal Uni Core

Beal has come up with a new climbing rope technology, called Uni Core, which binds the sheath of the rope to the core, enhancing safety in extreme conditions. By allowing the sheath and core to stay bonded together, sheath slippage is virtually eliminated in the event of a cut.

By eliminating sheath slippage, Uni Core allows a climber to safely pass the damaged section of the rope should the sheath be cut. Where the sheath of normal climbing ropes frays when cut, Uni Core allows temporary cutting of rope lengths without melting the ends.

Uni Core also helps to reduce shrinkage in water by up to 50%, all without affecting the ease of use and suppleness of the climbing rope.

Cold Thistle recently reported on an ice climbing accident where a Beal twin rope sheath failed when it got pulled over the crank knob of a Black Diamond ice screw. Apart from making sure to fold in the knob when you are finished placing the screw, this seems to be a perfect example where Beal’s Uni Core technology could add an extra level of safety.

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