Easton Artica Series Vo2 Racing Snowshoes

 Easton Vo2 Racing Snowshoes

Expanding on the success of Easton's original Artica Series snowshoe line, the company's new snowshoe caters to the winter backcountry runner. The Vo2 Racing is a sleek, lightweight, competition ready, running snowshoe built on the same ergonomic and feature rich Easton Artica platform. 

The foundation of the new Vo2 Racing is the same two-piece Easton alloy frame of the other Artica series snowshoes. Since the frame is constructed out of two separate but connected pieces, it can articulate and flex over rough terrain, giving you more level footing. In addition, the asymmetrical frame design, different for both men and women, allows you to stride more naturally and comfortably.  

Easton's patented Virtual Pivot Traction Cam places two independent pivot arms under your forefoot, enabling you to dig deeper in the snow for better traction. These dual arms together create a virtual third pivot point to help level your step and offer more direct contact with the snow. The frame and Virtual Pivot Traction Cam work together to absorb the shock that would normally be transferred to your body.

A Split Axis, forged aluminum, front crampon allows the toe-like cleats to pivot independently and give you extra digging power on steeper terrain. The Split Axis also enables your snowshoes to adjust to the supination or pronation of your own natural running gate. The particular crampon design prevents sideslip and transfers your energy forward for extra speed and agility.

Easton Vo2 Racing snowshoes

Instead of using Easton's unique strap and buckle binding system, the Vo2 Racing mounts directly to your running shoes. Together with the high-tech carbon fiber decking, this direct mounting method saves precious weight and delivers full range of motion, transforming your snowshoes into an extension of your feet.

The Vo2 Racing snowshoes are 21 inches or 54 cm long and weigh just 1.2 lbs each. The running snowshoes will retail for $299 and be available starting Fall 2011. 

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