Ueli Steck Special Edition Knife From Wenger


Wenger has teamed up with renowned Swiss mountaineer Ueli Steck to create a Special Edition Knife. Part of Wenger's new Titanium series of knives, the Ueli Steck Special Edition has everything you need to make repairs or adjustments on the fly while climbing or skiing in the backcountry. 

Ueli Steck is an amazing mountaineer who has made world record speed climbs of some of the most daunting faces in the Alps including the North Face of the Eiger, Matterhorn and Grandes Jorasses. 

The titanium handled knife can be opened with a single gloved hand and has a safety lock for protection while stowed in your pack or pocket. The Ueli Steck Knife has 16 functions that will aid you in everything from fixing your ski bindings to sharpening your ice tools and crampons. 

The blade itself has six function including a partially serrated and straight blade section that give you two cutting options, as well as a flat head screwdriver on the back end of the blade. Three integrated hexagonal keys match M4, M6 and M8 bolts or nuts for tightening the head of your tools. The combination metal saw and file let you sharpen your tools on the fly for those times you connect with a little too much rock.  

An adapter system in the handle of the knife lets you mount any 1/4 bit to manipulate different size bolts on your gear. The Ueli Steck knife comes complete with a Phillips and a flat head bit but you can add your own that are specific to your needs. A locking screwdriver and can opener round out the knife functions. 

The Ueli Steck Special Edition Knife weighs 100g and retails for $200. 

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