An Insulated Growler To Keep Your Beer Cold And Fresh

Hydroflask Growler

Inspired by the growing popularity of glass growlers for "take out" beer, Hydro Flask has released their own Wide Mouth Growler. A vacuum insulated bottle, the Growler will keep your beverage of choice either hot or cold the entire day. 

All Hydro Flask bottles are made from double-wall vacuum insulated, food grade, 18/8 stainless steel. The bottles are BPA free, non-leaching and 100% recyclable. The nice thing about a Hydro Flask bottle is that you can fill it up with coffee in the morning, then at night fill it up with water, beer or soup and it won't taste like coffee. 

With 64 oz of holding power, the Growler can hydrate a large group of people whether you are out on a camping trip or just hanging around with friends. The Growler will keep any cold drink cold for up to 24 hours and any hot drink hot for up to 12 hours.

The insulated lid helps to keep temperature from escaping and air getting in, meaning your beer or beverage of choice will stay fresher compared to other non-insulating containers. The double-wall vacuum insulation also means you can't feel the heat or the cold on the outside of the bottle and best of all, the bottle doesn't sweat. 

Through, Hydro Flask will give 5% of the proceeds of each bottle sold toward a charity selected by you. So go get your Wide Mouth Growler ($49.99), head to your local brewery and fill 'er up! 

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