KEEN Heat Trapolator Underfoot Insulation

KEEN Heat Trapolator

Looking to build a significantly warmer winter boot but without adding weight, KEEN came up with the KEEN.WARM Plus Heat Trapolator technology. This underfoot loft insulation traps heat in three layers, giving your feet hours of protection from the cold. 

KEEN.WARM Plus Heat Trapolator technology uses a midsole comprised of three different layers of heat-trapping material to keep heat in and cold out. The top honeycomb shaped layer of flexible EVA traps warm air under your foot. A middle woolen felt layer adds warmth and the final bottom layer of thermo foil reflects heat back at your foot and blocks the cold. 

KEEN's winter boot outsole includes a snow traction zone and ice traction zone. The snow traction zone is made from Dual Climate Rubber which hardens in the cold to enhance grip. The ice traction zone features razor siping, or 4mm razor thin lugs that are pushed apart as you walk, exposing even more surface area for better grip on the ice. 

For Fall 2011, two new winter boots that will feature the KEEN.WARM Plus Heat Trapolator technology are the Revel and the Helena. With KEEN.WARM bamboo charcoal insulation material in the shaft of these winter boots, your feet will be surrounded with 360 degrees of warmth.  

KEEN Revel

The men's and women's Revel is a lightweight nubuck leather booth with a KEEN.Dry waterproof breathable membrane. The Heat Trapoloator underfoot and 200g of KEEN.WARM insulation will keep your foot warm all day. A gaiter clip on the toe makes these boots perfect for snowshoeing or winter hiking. 

KEEN Helena

The women's Helena is a waterproof nubuck, calf-high lace up boot with a thick, faux-fur lined cuff. Like the Revel, this winter boot gives you the Heat Trapolator underfoot and 200g of surrounding KEEN.WARM insulation.

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