Endo Crashes A Thing Of The Past

Slidepad Brake

Endo crashes are a thing of the past with the new revolutionary bike brake from Slidepad Technologies. A single smart brake lever does all the modulation for you, controlling both front and rear brakes and preventing you from ever locking up and going over your handlebars. 

Slidepad Technologies was started by Cal Poly students Brian Riley and Andrew Ouellet. Andrew created what would become the original Slidepad prototype after taking a bad endo crash from pulling too hard on the front brake.

The Slidepad braking system uses a single brake lever so you no longer have to worry about whether you should be grabbing your right or left lever depending on the situation. The Slidepad works by engaging the back brake first and using the forward momentum of the rear wheel to slide a rubber pad forward. This sliding force triggers the front brake to grab at the same time, safely slowing you down. 

The Slidepad acts as an anti-lock braking system for your front wheel. The system applies the appropriate amount of front brake force based on weight position and road surface, keeping the front wheel from locking up. If your back wheel should start to lift off the ground, your front brake will automatically disengage enough to keep slowing you down but prevent you from endoing. 

An aftermarket version of the Slidepad will be available sometime this Spring and retail for $99.  


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