From The Battlefield To The Streets

Triple Aught Designs

Unless you regularly handle a gun, you may not have heard of Triple Aught Design (TAD). The San Francisco based apparel brand has been serving the military and hunting enthusiasts for over 14 years now. With their latest collection, TAD are looking to now capture the hearts of the urban outdoor enthusiast as well.

I was lucky enough to be given a personal tour of the latest collection at TAD's Hayes Valley store in San Francisco. Triple Aught Design was started in 1997 by Patrick Ma who was looking to create apparel that married innovation and modern technology with classic design.  

TAD apparel is not of the usual bright, light and fast outdoor aesthetic. Theirs is high performance meets classic style in a muted color range of black, greys and varying shades of brown. 

One of TAD's most popular pieces is the Ranger Hoodie. Made from Polartec Wind Pro, the Ranger repels wind and water while offering superior insulation. A signature feature on many of the TAD jackets is the number of pockets, usually six, including two easy reach chest pockets, three arm pockets and a large hunter's pocket at the back. 

TAD Ranger Hoodie fleece jacket morale patches

Some of the fleece jackets come with morale patches as they are called in the military- velcro arm patches that let you add your own personal flair. The Spectre Hardshell is similar in style to the Ranger Hoodie but constructed out of waterproof breathable eVent fabric for superior weather protection.

 TAD Spectre hardshell TAD cargo pants

Some of the more urban outdoor pieces I really like are the wool hoodies for both men (Praetorian) and women (Artemis). The variety of men's cargo pants are also very stylish and functional, with plenty of pockets and reinforced knees and seat- perfect for climbing, hiking or just wearing around town.

 TAD wool hoodies

Have a look at the full Triple Aught Design offering over on their website, or if you are in the Bay Area, stop into one of their stores. I was given one of the new Valkyrie LT women's fleece jackets (TAD is slowly moving into women's apparel) to test out so look for a review to follow in the next few weeks. 

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