10 More Of The Latest Outdoor iPhone Apps

outdoor iphone apps

Every six months, the outdoor industry seems to churn out a whole new slew of iPhone apps. Below you will find a list of 10 of the latest outdoor related ones that came across my radar. The apps are all free, with the exception of one, so it can't hurt to give them a try.  

1. Merrell Go Barefoot (free)

Merrell Go Barefoot

The Go Barefoot app from Merrell helps you learn how to barefoot run through step by step instructions. With over 40 days of workouts, exercises and challenges, you will learn proper form, increase your speed and distance to the ultimate goal of a 1.5 mile barefoot run. 

2. Patagonia Music (free)

Patagonia Music

Patagonia has teamed up with a wide range of artists who have donated an exclusive song for use by the company. When you purchase the song or album, Patagonia donates the proceeds to a selection of non-profit environmental groups. The app also lets you listen to The Dirtbag Diaries podcast and streaming music from some up and coming artists. 

3. Timberland Expeditions (free)

Timberland Expeditions

In addition to a hiking game, the Timberland app helps you discover local urban expeditions for a certain city you are visiting (or your own!) such as recommended hikes, best views, local haunts, bike trails, etc. 

4. Adidas miCoach (free)

Adidas miCoach

The Adidas miCoach app turns your phone into a personal coach. In addition to measuring your distance, pace, calories burned and elapsed time, miCoach uses GPS and real-time voice coaching in your ear to pace you through your workout zones and training plans. 

5. Contour (free)

Contour POV Camera

The Contour app works with your Contour GPS helmet camera and Contour Connect View accessory to turn your phone or iPod into a wireless viewfinder. You can preview what your camera sees before pressing record, play with your camera settings or check battery life, all from your phone. 

6. Surfer Buddies (free)

Surfer Buddies

Surfer Buddies is a social network application where you can access location-based surf related content including live updates from the beach, surf reports, crowd and beach conditions, hazards, as well as deals from local shops, bars, restaurants, and lodging. 

7. Mammut Safety (free)

Mammut Safety iPhone app

The Mammut Safety App helps you assess the current avalanche risk through the use of an inclinometer to estimate slope angle, compass to determine the slope exposure and an altimeter. A risk check list will help you quickly define the level of avalanche risk with links to all the global avalanche bulletins. An SOS function will communicate your GPS data to your local rescue services in the event of an emergency.

8. Columbia Take Ten (free)

Columbia Take Ten To The Great Outdoors

The Take Ten app from Columbia is designed to introduce backcountry travelers to the ten essential groups, or a collection of items critical to the safe enjoyment of the outdoors. The groups range from medical and sun protection to fire, shelter and nutrition. You can create custom gear lists, leave a trip plan behind for your family and friends, and read safety tips and how-to articles. 

9. Oh, Ranger! (free)

Oh, Ranger! Park Finder

The Oh, Ranger! app helps you find the parks nearest you with the activities you want to do. With a database of every national park, state park and federal public land in America, you can cross-reference each location with information about available activities.

10. National Geographic Park Maps HD ($4.99)

National Geographic Park Maps

With $300 worth of National Park Maps packed into this app, the $4.99 price seems like nothing. The National Geographic app includes detailed trail maps for 15 of the top US National Parks where you can mark your campsite or car on the map, calculate how far it is to your destination, view points of interest and see your current place on the map. 

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