Yogi Bear Will Be Jealous Of Your Picnic Pack

Alite Designs Bear Can Picnic Pack

In celebration of Spring, Alite Designs has released the new Picnic Pack. Shaped like a bear can, this whimsical yet functional pack will house everything you need for a fabulous picnic in the park on a warm sunny day. 

The Picnic Pack offers 16 L of fully padded space for keeping your food and beverages fresh during the day. Plates and silverware can be stored in the sturdy lid that doubles as a serving tray with the top rim flipped up. 

Double side pockets are perfect for holding your wine bottle, beer cans or baguette. Compression straps at the bottom of the pack help you carry your blanket or beach towels for the picnic.

The pack is comfortable, lightweight (1.6 lbs) and low profile enough for easy biking straight from the farmers market to the park. 

The Alite Designs Bear Can Picnic Pack comes in red and blue and retails for $49, available now. 

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