Ain’t No Bugs On Me

By Don Jurries

Tired of lying awake all night scratching your bug bites? Overlander has come out with a new line of insect repellent socks to keep the critters off your legs and ankles, leaving you to enjoy the outdoors itch free.

If you are looking for socks designed for extreme adventure, Australia’s Bellview Corporation has you covered. The Bellview Overlander range includes socks created specifically for trekking, trail running, snowboarding, skiing, and even the Outback.

Overlander’s newest addition is the Bugs Be Gone wool socks that feature an organically-grown insect repellent treatment that is particularly effective against mosquitoes and ticks. The chemical treatment, called Menthol-glycol NF2, is integrated into the wool fibre using a micro-encapsulation technique that releases the insect repellent over time and lasts for up to 20 washes.

The Overlander wool socks use innovative combinations of fibre layers, helping sweat move away from the body and disperse. An inner layer of Merino wool lies against the skin, absorbing body-moisture and helping to moderate your foot’s temperature in various climatic conditions. The outer layer includes synthetic fibres, adding to the sock’s durability. The overall result increases breathability and dryness of the wool socks.

The Bugs Be Gone insect repellent socks are 85% wool, 10% nylon, and 5% elastane. Additional features include an inner, cushioning layer made of 100% wool with a smooth flat toe seam, reinforced cushion sole and extended compression band under a non-restrictive wide top. The sock has also been treated with an anti-microbial for freshness.

Perfect for trekking adventures in climates where insects are more prevalent, the Overlander Bugs Be Gone insect repellent socks are available in black, khaki or navy, and retail for A$18.95.

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