Chic Rainwear For Your Bike Commute

Georgia In Dublin Rainwear

If you live in a part of the world where it rains quite often, say the Pacific Northwest or Ireland, you may frequently pack in your bike commute at the first sign of dark clouds. With the new chic rainwear from Georgia In Dublin, you no longer have to be a slave to unpredictable weather or resign yourself to becoming only a fair weather bike commuter.  

Georgia In Dublin was created in December 2009 by mother and daughter team, Nicola Orriss and Georgia Scott. United in their passion for biking at any time of year, the duo set out to create a line of bike rainwear that was not only functional, but elegant at the same time.  

The initial bike rainwear product line includes the Leggits, stylish overshoes to protect your feet and legs from rain and mud. Made from a fully waterproof and breathable fabric, the Leggits can be worn with either bike shoes or even heels, and add some visibility to your ride.  

Offering a great alternative to waterproof pants, the Rainwrap is a wrap around skirt that keeps your bum and upper legs dry while riding. Easy to take on and off, the Rainwrap wraps around your waist like an apron and is secured by both velcro tabs and an adjustable buckled strap. 

Toggles on the bottom of the skirt can be pulled through forward slots to keep the skirt from flying up while you are riding. The Rainwrap folds away quickly, saving you from having to change clothes once you arrive at your destination. 

The Georgia In Dublin bike rainwear can be purchased from the company website. The Leggits (€44.99) are available for both men and women and come in black, yellow and pink. The Rainwrap comes in black, green or pink and retails for €49.99. 


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