Icebreaker GT Bike Cycling Apparel Review

Icebreaker GT Bike

Only in Marin can you go from a sweltering 90 degrees in the sun to a wet, cool, foggy 60 degrees a few miles down the road. The SS Rhythm Jersey and Halo Shorts from Icebreaker's GT Bike series make the perfect cycling apparel for these constantly changing weather conditions.  

The SS Rhythm Jersey is a half-zip merino wool cycling jersey with subtle feminine detailing on the front and back. Two rear cargo pockets, a tire pump pocket, and a small zippered pocket offer just enough space to carry all the essentials for your ride. A gripper on the bottom hem helps keep your cycling jersey in place even when you are in the drops. 

Icebreaker SS Rhythm Jersey

Icebreaker enhances their merino wool with lycra to both help the cycling jersey hold its shape as well as increase drying time. Though the SS Rhythm Jersey may hold onto sweat longer than a synthetic jersey, the merino wool will keep you warm even if you suddenly find yourself riding through some colder weather. This means you don't have to pull over to throw on a jacket or take it off again once you return to the sunshine.

Of course another benefit of merino wool is the antimicrobial properties. After an entire day riding, you may smell a bit like wet sheep when the cycling jersey is full of sweat, but you won't stink. Your friends will probably appreciate this as you hang out for that mid-ride coffee or post-ride beer. 

The current GT Bike series uses Icebreaker's 200 weight wool. The thickness is perfect for those early morning rides or rides during spring and fall where you can expect somewhat cooler and changing weather conditions. Next summer, Icebreaker will use 150 weight wool in the GT Bike series, which may be more appropriate for riding in generally hot conditions. 

Icebreaker Halo Shorts

The Halo Shorts are made up of six panels, a mixture of wool, nylon and spandex, to help with articulation and moisture management. The wool panels are perfectly placed at the front and side of your legs to add warmth on the downhills.

The cycling shorts feature a women's specific chamois that is comfortable for long rides without being too bulky. Grippers on the leg hems keep the shorts from inching up as you ride, while a high waist and back keep your mid section covered. 

Bottom Line: The Icebreaker SS Rhythm Jersey, Halo Short, and GT Bike series in general are quality constructed, merino wool cycling apparel, perfect for those early morning or volatile weather rides. The fit is standard Icebreaker. For me, this means going one size bigger than I normally would with other outdoor apparel. 

The SS Rhythm Jersey retails for $130 and the Halo Shorts for $160.  

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