Perfect For Travel-Icebreaker Villa Dress Review

Icebreaker Villa Dress

Back in June, I bought the Icebreaker Villa Dress for all of my travels over the summer. The Villa makes the perfect travel dress, a low maintenance piece that doesn't need ironing and can be thrown in the washing machine on normal cycle with the rest of your clothes.  

Constructed out of Icebreaker's Superfine 200 merino wool, the dress is incredibly light. I wore my Villa walking around Milan for an entire day in 90+ degree sunshine and did not overheat. As with all merino wool, you get the no-stink benefit, meaning you can wear your dress for multiple days or occasions before having to throw it in the wash, very convenient for traveling.

I bought the black Villa Dress, as I thought the color would offer the most versatility, easy to dress up with some accessories but just as easy to go casual with a pair of flats or flip flops. If the weather is cooler, you can simply throw on a sweater or jacket over top of your travel dress.  

The shape and fit are extremely flattering, with the belt ensuring you always have a nice waistline. The V-neck is pretty low, so if you are self-conscious about showing too much skin, you can easily throw on a tank underneath. 

The only problem I had with the Villa Dress is that the Superfine 200 merino wool can be a bit see through at times, even with the black color. You could easily have your own Lady Diana moment with some well placed sunshine behind you.

If you are uncomfortable with form fitting dresses, I would order a size up from your usual Icebreaker size (which is a size up for me to begin with). I once tried to wear a body shaper underneath to counteract the close fit, which just ended in disaster with the skirt continually riding up.  

Bottom Line: The Icebreaker Villa Dress makes the perfect travel dress, versatile enough to wear for casual to more formal occasions. 

The Villa Dress comes in three colors, black, red, and grey stripe, and is currently on sale for $77 at Icebreaker (normal retail $110)

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