The Better Way To Make S’mores

Coghlans Camper's S'mores Grill

There is nothing worse than carefully roasting your marshmallows to warm, crispy brown perfection, only to sandwich them between two cold graham crackers with a cold lump of Hershey's chocolate. The new S'mores Grill from Coghlans not only enables you to create one perfectly warmed through gooey s'more, but three s'mores at once. 

You will be the hero of the campfire when you pull out this S'mores Grill from your pack. Three separate cooking shelves allow you to simultaneously toast three s'mores at once. A sliding lock ring will keep the grill closed while you cook. You can either choose to pre-brown your marshmallows, or let all the ingredients toast evenly over the campfire for one pile of melted heaven. 

Coghlans Corn Popper

If being the s'mores master isn't enough, throw away that Jiffy Pop and cook your own healthier, great tasting popcorn over the campfire. The Coghlans Corn Popper is made up of a non-stick basket with easy open sliding lid.

To make popcorn, simply add a bit of butter or cooking oil to the Corn Popper and 1/3 cup of popping corn. Within minutes, you will have around 1 quart of the buttery snack to eat. The handle stores inside the Corn Popper when not in use and the wooden grip keeps you from scorching yourself as you shake the kernels over the campfire fire. 

Both the Coghlans S'mores Grill ($6.95) and Corn Popper ($19.98) will be available for Spring 2012. 

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