Two In One Sleeping Bags

Wenger Chaseral sleeping bag

If you plan to camp during all four seasons or even three plus seasons of the year, you usually need to buy multiple sleeping bags to accommodate the wide range of temperatures. Both Wenger and Sierra Designs hope to alleviate this problem by designing modular sleeping bags that can comfortably take you from summer to winter. 

The Chaseral insulated sleeping bag from Wenger goes from a 40ºF rating all the way down to a 10ºF rating by simply adding a zip on top layer. When not in use, the top layer can be scrunched down into a stuff sack to be used as a pillow or for throwing around your shoulders at the campfire. 

The Chaseral sleeping bag is stuffed with Climashield XP synthetic insulation and features a trapezoidal foot box for extra warmth and comfort. The bag weighs 2 lb. 4 oz., is 84 inches long, and comes in the one silver color. 

The Wenger Chaseral insulated sleeping bag will retail for $179.99 and ready to ship next Spring 2012. 

Sierra Design Pyro Maniac sleeping bag

Built on the Core Comfort platform, the new Pyro Maniac 600-fill down sleeping bag from Sierra Designs will comfortably take you from 30ºF down to 15ºF. A pocket placed directly over your torso holds an extra set of down baffles to keep your core, and therefore the rest of your body, warm on those super cold nights. 

When not needed, the extra down baffles simply snap out and can be stuffed inside the pillow pocket to cushion your head. The Pyro Maniac weighs 2 lb. 13 oz. and includes a draft collar, ergonomic hood and foot boxes, and comes with both stuff and storage sacks.

The Sierra Designs Pyro Maniac down sleeping bag will retail for $319 and come out in time for Spring 2012. 

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