Where To Sell, Swap, Or Donate Your Old Gear

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We all have that one closet or corner in the garage that is stuffed with gear we don’t use anymore. But what can you do with all this unwanted gear that still has a useful life? Many online sites are popping up to help you sell, swap, or even donate your gear to a good cause, giving all that stuff hidden away in your closet a chance at a second life.

Patagonia made a few waves with their recent advertisement telling you to not buy their stuff, basically trying to make you think about reducing the impact of your consumption. As part of their Common Threads Initiative, Patagonia has teamed up with eBay to create a special auction site where you can buy and sell gently used Patagonia gear, playing your part to reduce and reuse.

Patagonia has integrated the used clothing and accessories into their main website for purchase through their online shop. If you take the Common Threads Initiative pledge, you are eligible to have your eBay listing promoted there.

The UK Outdoor Industry Association, together with Rohan, have endorsed a new online listing service called Recycle Your Outdoor Gear. Here you can sell, swap, or donate any of your unwanted and gently used gear.

Over a number of different categories, the website allows you to post an ad to sell or swap your particular item, all free of charge. Recycle Your Outdoor Gear has teamed up with various charities, such as Porters Progress UK, to offer you a place to donate your unwanted gear as an alternative.

GearTrade is a US based online marketplace where individuals or retailers can sell and buy gear. Unlike eBay, where the selling price is based on the bidding, here you fix the price for your item. GearTrade enables you to list your gear for free but if a sale goes through, they take a 12% cut as compensation for all the payment processing.

There is always Craigslist, the main eBay site, and your local Salvation Army, but none of these are outdoor specific. If you know of any more great places to donate, sell, or swap out your used gear, tell us about it in the comments below.

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