Zeal Optics Boundary Sunglasses Review

Zeal Boundary Sunglasses

Earlier this fall, Zeal Optics released a new line of performance sunglasses that not only offer top notch sun protection, but have a smaller impact on the environment at the same time. With a variety of styles to suit your chosen outdoor activity, these sunglasses will look good both outdoors and around the town.

All the new Zeal Optics sunglass lenses feature a copper color that helps you see in both sunlight and cloudy conditions, perfect for fall and winter outdoor activities. Zeal's Hyperion Lens Technology embeds an SPF film and resins into the lens to reduce glare by 99%, cut 100% of UV rays, and eliminate 95% of high energy visible light that can lead to eye disease such as age-related macular degeneration. 

In addition, the Boundary lenses are polarized, further helping to cut glare and haze, significantly enhancing your color experience. The polarization also means these sunglasses are great for driving to and from the trailhead or the slopes. 

The Boundary sunglasses sit snug against your face, so you won't have to worry about them falling off no matter how vigorous your outdoor activity. Thankfully Zeal has made the fit work without adding hair pulling rubber to the inside of the frames, one of my major sunglasses pet peeves. The My Fit Nosebridge technology uses two movable rubber pads that can be adjusted both vertically and horizontally to get the perfect fit for your face.

All the new sunglasses frames are constructed out of Z Resin, Zeal's proprietary bio-based material made from castor oil. By using castor oil, Zeal can cut energy in the manufacturing process and also reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

Bottom Line: The Zeal Optics Boundary sunglasses are a great all around outdoor choice with a smaller fit that is perfect for female faces (or smaller headed men). These sunglasses are also available in prescription if you so require. 

The Zeal Optic Boundary sunglasses come in a variety of colors, retail for $119, and are available now. 

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