Heated Base Layers To Keep Your Core Warm

Toast Heated Base Layers  Toast Heated Base Layers  Toast heated base layers

Everyone knows that keeping your core warm is the key to not only preventing cold hands and feet, but being able to play longer outdoors during the winter. New company Toast has created a set of heated base layers that provide localized heat to those areas critical to maintaining core body temperature.

Made from Polartec fabric, each Toast base layer features a set of special heat pack pockets placed in critical areas such as the neck, chest, and lower back. Keeping these particular areas warm prevents a dip in normal body temperature, contributing to your overall warmth and comfort.  

Included with the base layers are a set of air activated heat packs which will last from 7-24 hours depending on size. When really cold outside, you can choose to fill all of the heat pack pockets or use just one or two on nicer days. 

The Toast heated base layer pockets are designed for easy access, so you can add and remove heat packs as necessary. A special closure system ensures the heat packs won't fall out during your outdoor activity. 

Toast was started by snow sports industry veteran Julia Aiken. After using adhesive backed heat packs one day before a banked slalom race on Mt. Baker, she experience first hand the benefit of keeping your core warm. Tired of duct taping heat packs to her body for years of winter outdoor activity, Julia decided there must be a better way to provide localized warmth.

The Toast heated base layers currently come in 4 styles- both a men's and women's top and bottom. The pieces retail for $75-$85 and include a set of three hand warmers to get you started. 

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