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Almost anyone who rides a bike has experienced a flat tire at one time or another. A current essential in any tire changing toolkit, multiple tire levers are not all that easy to use, especially if you are a novice cyclist. A new tool aims to do away with tire levers and instead leverage the use of your bike to quickly and easily remove a flat tire.  

The Cobra Tire Tool was designed by Jim Walls who has worked in his family-owned tire franchise for many years. As modern tire changing machines make removing car tires so simple, he thought there had to be a way to apply the concept to bike tires. 

Bicycle tires are currently pried off the rim using multiple tire levers, a hundred year old method that is not simple for everyone. By utilizing the spin of your tire to do all the work, the Cobra Tire Tool enables you to remove your tire from the rim in 1-2 seconds, without the need for any strength. 

The Cobra Tire Tool weighs just half an ounce, making it easy to throw in your jersey pocket, pack, or saddle bag. The tool is made from a combination of rugged nylon and fiberglass, so won't scratch your bike frame or tire rim. 

Once you have the new inner tube back in place, the Cobra Tire Tool can be used to help get your tire back onto the rim. Simply hook the tool under the rim as you did to take it off, then turn it over to use as a push tool. 

The Cobra Tire Tool retails for $6 and can be purchased on the website. A mountain bike specific tire tool will be coming soon. 


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  1. I’m sure that I changed well over 5,000 tubes and tires as a professional bike mechanic. I’ve watched your video. OK, so you removed one bead on an extremely loose tire. Now what? I could have removed that same tire with no tools than two seconds and would be further along because I would already be installing the new tube while you were removing the wheel from the dropouts.
    I’m not yet impressed. Let’s see you perform the same feat with a really tight tire on the bike rim. Or send me your tire lever and I’ll review it, no charge.

  2. Automotive tires are removed in a similar fashion but they use lube so it doesn’t shred the tire. Using this on your bike tires will destroy them. You don’t need any tools to remove/reinstall bike tires if you do it properly. You certainly don’t need this twisted hunk of plastic to do it.

  3. I spoke with the inventor of this tool and he explaned to me that the portion of the tool that performs the dismounting and mounting work is uniquely designed and will not damage the tire. I have carbon fiber rims and run on Continental Gatorskins. These are always tuff to work with. I purchased the tool and used it to mount a new set of front and rear tires. The tool is much easier than the Pedro levers that I have used in the past. I saw this tool reviewed on wired.com and it intrigued me enough that I made the purchase. Unless my hand strength improves with age, I will never be able to change tires by hand again. A smart tool is a good investment.

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