Skora Minimalist Running Shoes

Skora Base minimalist running shoes

Founded in 2008, Portland based Skora Running has stripped away the technology traditionally required in running shoes, recognizing the inherent efficiency already built into your foot. True to the barefoot or minimalist running shoe style, Skora footwear is designed to take advantage of, instead of correct, your body's natural running movement.

Skora's minimalist running shoes are built around the company's Realfit or anatomical last. A wide toe box and generous girth around the ball of your foot provide comfort and enable your forefoot to move freely. An elastic heel strap gives a more custom fit, while curved last edges match the exact shape of your foot, reducing any possible friction.  

The Skora R01 system segments the bottom of the minimalist running shoe into three functional parts. The high abrasion rubber outsole features a low profile tread and is only 4mm thick, enabling you to feel the terrain under your feet. With a zero-drop heel to toe differential, a concave forefoot and curved heel mimic the natural shape of your foot.

The running shoe midsole features flex grooves that follow your foot's natural motion. Finally, the Ortholite sock liner has raised top bumps to increase your foot feel and biofeedback from the ground. 

The first two minimalist running shoes in the Skora line are the Base ($125) and the Form ($195). The Form features a full goatskin leather upper lined with sheepskin and asymmetrical lacing. The Base offers a sock-fit stretch mesh upper with X-strap closure system.

The men's Skora running shoes will start shipping in February, with the women's to follow in the fall.

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