Wireless Sensors To Track Your Pet’s Daily Health

GreenGoose wireless pet sensors

How do you ensure your dog has been walked enough, fed the proper amount, and gets plenty of playtime each day? San Francisco based wireless sensor company GreenGoose has created a pet starter kit that enables you to track you pet's daily health and fitness, just as you would your own.

The GreenGoose pet starter kit comes with four sensors- one for your dog's leash, one for the collar, one for the food scoop, and one for the treat container. The sensors wirelessly connect back to an egg shaped base station, recording all daily activity. All the recording is done automatically, so you have no need to remember to sync all the sensors at the end of the day. The individual sensor batteries will last for over a year before you have to worry about replacing or recharging.

GreenGoose wireless pet seonsors

The leash sensor measures when and for how long you walk your dog. Hooked on the handle of your leash, the dog tag size sensor will automatically send an update message to your account when you return from your walk within 250 feet of the base station. 

The food sensor hooks onto the end of your dog food scoop and triggers an update when tipped. The treat sensor notifies your account when you have reached into the treat box to reward your dog for being a good girl.

The collar sensor measures how long you have played with your pet each day. I am not sure how GreenGoose distinguishes between the collar and the leash sensor for walking unless you only attach the collar sensor when you play with your dog. I would personally attach the collar sensor to my dog's favorite toy for a more accurate play reading. 

Connected to the internet, the wireless base station uploads all of the data to your account where you can analyze your pet's activity and food consumption trends, even sharing them with your friends and family. GreenGoose also has a beta iPhone app called Petegonia where you can track your dog's health and fitness from your phone

GreenGoose has over 100 wireless sensors in the works, for every imaginable activity, so expect to track even more of your pet's daily habits in the future. The GreenGoose pet starter kit is available for order now and retails for $49. 

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