Wireless Communication On The Bike

Hiod One sports communicator

Swedish company Free2Move set out to create a line of sports communicators that provide a wireless link to chat with your friends, take phone calls, or listen to music. The first product in this new Hiod Sports series is the Hiod One, specially built for use on the bike.

The complete Hiod One consists of a voice unit, control unit, headphones, and microphone. The control unit can either be mounted on your handlebars or wrist, while the voice unit straps to your arm. The microphone securely attaches to your helmet strap when riding.  

A Bluetooth link enables you to connect to five other Hiod One devices in order to shout words of encouragement to your friends (one at a time) up to a distance of 400 meters. Advanced sound processing and noise reduction ensure you can hear over heavy traffic or strong wind. 

Connecting to your phone or iPod also via Bluetooth, the Hiod One enables you to make and receive phone calls or stream music while on the bike. These functions can even be voice activated if supported by your phone.

The control unit doubles as a basic cycling computer, tracking your speed, time, and distance. You can easily toggle between functions and alter what information you would like seen on the display at any time. The USB rechargeable lithium polymer battery will last for up to 10 hours of talk time or 30 hours on standby.

The Hiod One will go on sale soon from the Hiod Sports website. No word on pricing just yet. 


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