Hilleberg Goes 3 Season For Spring

Hilleberg Anjan 3 season tent

Long revered for bomber 4 season tents taken to all ends of the earth, Hilleberg decided to lighten the load a bit for spring. In the new trio of 3 season tents, Hilleberg has shaved off some of the weight but has not cut back on any of the performance characteristics you have come to expect from the brand. 

The new 3 season tents are designed just like any other Hilleberg tent, apart from using a lighter weight fabric. The company substituted the usual Kerlon 1200 or 1800 outer tent fabric with Kerlon 1000. This lighter weight fabric still boasts a 22lb tear strength, so will be able to withstand any storm. 

By design, the outer tent does not go all the way to the ground, leaving space for constant air flow, while still providing protection from unpleasant weather. For more venting in warm weather, both the front and the back ends can be rolled away to expose the large mesh vent at the back and the near-full mesh inner tent door.

Referencing the Hilleberg Nallo design, the Anjan 2 and Anjan 3 tunnel tents use the same 9 mm poles but are about 20% lighter. The Anjan 2 weights 3lbs 1oz., with the Anjan 3 weighing in a 3lbs 8oz. In regular Hilleberg style, the poles are placed on the outer tent to maximize the structure strength and the inner and outer tent is linked for quick and easy pitching. 

The Anjan tunnel design requires only 4 pegs for pitching. A single entry cuts down on weight while still offering plenty of storage space in the front vestibule. You can opt to replace the standard inner tent with the Anjan Mesh ($195) for those adventures in really warm weather. 

Hilleberg's Rogen 3 season tent is based on the Allak. The dome construction affords stability and strength for use in exposed conditions, making the tent a great choice for tough pitching situations. With two doors and two vestibules, the Rogen offers plenty of easy access space for two people and all their gear. 

The Hilleberg 3 season tents will start shipping May 1st, just in time for your spring and summer adventures. The Anjan 2 retails for $570, the Anjan 3 for $598, and the Rogen for $790. All the 3 season tents come in the standard red or green Hilleberg colors.

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