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More than 50 billion disposable water bottles are bought each year and 80 percent of those end up in landfills. The Tervis Tumbler Company recently launched a new Water Bottle product, with an endless variety of designs, to help reduce disposable water bottle consumption. So in honor of World Water Day yesterday, we are giving you a chance to win your very own Tervis Water Bottle. 

Virtually unbreakable, the Tervis Water Bottle is produced in Florida from BPA free plastic. The bottle won’t melt, crack, or chip, and is dishwasher, freezer, and microwave safe. Using a double wall construction, hot drinks stay hot and cold drinks stay cold, leaving the outside of the bottle sweat free and safe to handle.

Holding 24 oz. of your favorite liquid, the water bottle is lined with markers in 2 oz. increments, letting you know how much you have drunk or how much of a certain substance you are pouring in the bottle, convenient for making smoothies or mixing sports drinks. The air tight lid snaps securely shut to leave your bag or backpack leak free. When open, the lid stays put, not flopping down to hit you in the nose as you take a drink.

The water bottle opening is large enough to fit ice cubes and makes for really easy cleaning. The Tervis Water Bottle will fit into any standard cup holder and even most bike cages. Flat sides make the bottle easy to grip on the go. 

For a chance to win your very own Tervis Water Bottle, leave a comment below with something you did, if anything, to help celebrate World Water Day yesterday. Guaranteed for life, this water bottle will hydrate you through any adventure. The winner will be chosen and announced next Friday. 

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  1. I donated to Chairity:Water in honor of a friend whose birthday fell on World Water Day. I also pledged that on my July BD, I’d ask all my friends to donate instead of getting me a gift

  2. For World Water Day I resolved to never brush my teeth or shave again with the water running.

  3. To honor this glorious day, I donated water to various plants at home AND at the office. Than i gathered all my friends and the drinks were on me, Water for all my friends!

  4. I drank lots of water (about 12 large cupfuls) throughout the day, as I try to do everyday. Thanks for the chance! I love Tervis!

  5. I read in the newspaper yesterday that countries may go to war to fight for water. Water is the essence of life. Give water give life. I celebrated yesterday playing soap water bubbles with my 3 year old baby girl. We had a blast.

  6. I went for a really long bike ride with my new camelbak! would love to try riding with the tervis water bottle.

  7. I’ll be really honest; I didn’t know anything about this and feel regret for my ignorance but now after taking a look at the website and having a good think about water considerations I will endeavour to alter my water consumption habits for good, not just the day! The website is posted to my faceBook! 🙂

  8. Thanks for all the comments everyone! We picked a winner at random and that winner is Khang V! Send me an email (you can find it at the top of the site) with your details and I will have Tervis send you your bottle.

    Thanks again for entering everyone!

  9. I am the president of our municipal utility district. It is primarily a water board so I have much input into the decisions about what goes on with our water and sewage treatment in our community.I also attend water conferences twice a year.

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