Colorful GripRings For Your Cruiser Bike

GripRings bike grips

Through another Kickstarter project, San Francisco based brothers Nick (worked with Alite Designs) and Clint Slone introduce their new bike accessory company Spurcycle. The initial product is a set of colorful bike grips that you can mix and match to personalize your handlebars. 

Made from soft silicone rings, each bike grip is configured by stacking a multitude of these rings onto your handlebars. In order to create different widths, you can use as many rings are you want and in any color combination. 

Each ring stretches over 22mm-24mm diameter handlebars, simply sliding into place. When are you finished setting the desired amount of rings, a locking end plug creates a stop while also protecting the end of your handlebars. 

Spurcycle colorful bike grips

The GripRings come in 12 different colors, meaning you can go crazy with your bike grip personalization. Over on Kickstarter, you can pre-order your GripRings set for $20. The set will include 16 rings in your choice of colors, leaving 8 rings for each bike grip. Spurcyle estimates sometime in July for delivery. 

Through a complete line of fun and functional bike accessories, Nick and Clint hope Spurcycle will get more people out regularly on their bikes, whether it's bike commuting to work or a quick ride to the local coffee shop. No word yet on what the next product will be beyond the GripRings. 

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