Kiss Those Crutches Goodbye

FlexLeg prosthetic for temporary injuries

Those of us that have ever experienced an injury to our lower extremities, know how difficult and annoying it can be to get around on crutches. Startup company FlexLeg has designed a new prosthetic device for temporary injuries that enables you to walk around while keeping weight off of your lower leg and foot. 

The FlexLeg design draws from the same technology used in running prosthetics for athletes who may be missing one or even two legs. The compliant base provides natural shock absorption and adds a spring to your step. The lightweight top frame is made from aircraft grade aluminum for extra durability.   

FlexLeg is specifically engineered to connect directly to your upper leg and knee, acting like an interim lower leg. Your body is comfortably supported, allowing you to walk and move around as you would normally and keeping your hands free to go about your daily business. You should be able to walk up and down stairs, inclines, and even over uneven terrain. 

FlexLeg prosthetic for temporary injuries

A couple of years ago, I broke my ankle in a bouldering fall. The very next day, I flew straight to New York City for a pre-scheduled vacation. Walking around NYC with crutches is brutal. I would have loved to wear the FlexLeg, even if it was just for small jaunts say in a museum, restaurant, or getting on and off the plane. 

The FlexLeg team came in second at the recent BYU Business Plan competition, the same place where Klymit got their start. The team is now looking for go to market partners in order to bring FlexLeg to the masses. 

Hopefully you will never experience a lower leg injury but if you do, know that FlexLeg is there to help make your recovery time just a little more bearable.

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