Airhead Scalp Cool Spray

Do you tend to overheat rapidly when cycling during the summer? A new scalp spray promises to keep your head cool for up to an hour while you continue to crank on the pedals beneath the glaring sun. 

The Airhead Helmet Cool Spray is applied topically to your scalp. After a few spritzes around your head, you will feel a cooling sensation that should last around an hour. You can reapply as required. A single bottle dispenses around 300 applications, enough to spray your full scalp around thirty times. 

The Airhead spray also works to combat the itch and irritation associated with wearing a helmet for a long period of time. The spray can be used with any type of helmet, but works best with vented helmets, using the incoming air to enhance the cooling effect. 

Airhead Helmet Cool Spray is produced by Ahead Solutions, maker of the chronic scalp itch treatment Menthogen. Based in the UK, the company employs a large team of trichologists and dermatologists with years of experience in studying and treating skin, hair, and scalp conditions. 

Looking at the ingredients, Airhead spray is made up of basically alcohol, water, and menthol. The one ingredient that worries me a bit is boric acid. I am sure it is included as an antiseptic and anti-bacterial agent, but continual use of boric acid can be poisonous. I would be weary about dousing your head every hour, every time you ride. However, I hope the boric acid is dilute enough to be harmless.

One 30 ml bottle of Airhead Helmet Cool Spray retails for around $15 and can be purchased from the company website. 

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  1. Thanks for the post Amy. Boric Acid clarification: –

    Use in Pharmaceuticals and Cosmetics: boric acid is a mild antiseptic that inhibits the growth of microorganisms on the external surfaces of the body. Common everyday uses include contact lens solutions, eye disinfectants, baby powder, anti-aging preparations and similar external applications; in other words products we use all everyday.

    Use in Nutritional Supplements: boric acid and other borates are increasingly being used in over-thecounter nutritional supplements as a source of boron. It is thought that boron has a potential therapeutic value in promoting bone and joint health as well as having a limiting effect on arthritis symptoms. It’s important to note however that the health effects of boric acid and boron-based supplements are based on very new studies and/or are based solely on the claims of the manufacturers’ of the supplements. It should not be implied that boric acid should be directly ingested as a supplement or for any other reason. (Source )

    Further info Boric Acid is poisonous in large doses. For info the percentage of Boric Acid used in Airhead Helmet Cool Spray is just 0.005%. Totally safe – yet effective.

    Lee Cunningham

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