Military Personnel- Turn Your Duffel Into A Custom Chrome Messenger

Chrome Custom Military Salvage

In honor of Memorial Day, Chrome invites all military personnel to turn their duffels or fatigues into a custom Chrome Messenger. Salvaging the fabric, features, and personal identifiers from your gear, Chrome will create a unique messenger bag just for you. 

Current US military personnel, veterans, and their families can head into one of Chrome's four locations (San Francisco, New York, Chicago, Portland) to have their military duffels and fatigues turned into a Chrome Citizen Buckle Bag messenger. For the cost of a regular Citizen Buckle Bag ($140), Chrome will use the material, patches, pockets, and handles to create a custom design. 

Chrome Custom Military Salvage Program

The Chrome Custom Military Salvage Program was started last year when US Army Vehicle Commander Jared Morford asked the company to make a bag out of his duffel from Iraq. Since then, Chrome has used reclaimed US Army duffels and tents to create an entire Salvage Series of limited edition Heritage buckle bags available to the general public.

Built in Chico, California, each bag is one of a kind. The US Army duffel material was cut specifically to keep the duffel pocket and carry handle in a useful location. Durable canvas material from US Army tents was used in the external panels of the Heritage buckle bags. Every bag is stamped with the lot number and its unique number within the lot. 

To all members of the US Military, past and present, Happy Memorial Day. 

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