High Quality Trekking Poles At An Affordable Price

Easton AL3 hiking poles

Technological innovator and longtime supplier to the outdoor industry of carbon fiber and aluminum tent poles, Easton began selling own-branded products a few years ago including snowshoes, tents, and trekking poles. New for this summer, the Easton Trail Series of aluminum trekking poles are affordable without sacrificing on the high quality you expect from the brand. 

The Easton AL3 trekking poles are made from lightweight but extremely high strength aerospace aluminum. You can bash these poles against anything and they won't break. Even if they should happen to bend, the poles are usually still completely useable. 

The AL3 trekking poles are split into three sections, with the two bottom sections extendable and secured by a non-slip twist lock. The adjustable sections feature centimeter markers so you can get to know exactly what height you like them set to for uphill, downhill, and flat sections of trail.

Twist locks are a great setup for a basic level trekking pole. Keep in mind, the locks may be hard to open if you have wet hands, slippery hands full of sunscreen, or lots of dust and dirt get caught in the threads. I had a bit of trouble collapsing them quickly while in the Grand Canyon but they have otherwise worked fine for me. 

The AL3 grip is comfortable in your hand with straps to help you power through the trail. The poles weigh just over 1 lb so aren't going to add weight to your pack or tire you out when hiking all day. 

Easton AL3 trekking poles

The trekking poles collapse down to only 60.9cm so will fit in your duffle bag for easy travel or can be securely strapped to the side of your pack without sticking up over your head. The longest length is 129.5cm fully extended, offering plenty of adjustment length for even the tallest person. 

The poles come with summer baskets but you can change them out for winter baskets, sold as an accessory. Replaceable tungsten carbide tips will help give you traction and stability over gravel, wet, or icy terrain. The poles also come with rubber tips which are great for protection when traveling, but also good to use on paved trails or particularly rocky terrain.

Bottom Line: The Easton AL3 are an affordable, lightweight, durable, all-around trekking pole you can take on pretty much any adventure. 

The Easton AL3 trekking poles retail for $60 and are available now. 

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