Covertly Track Your Stolen Bike

Spybike  Spybike

Wouldn’t it be great if you could find out exactly what happened to your bike after it was stolen? SpyBike is a covert GPS tracking device hidden inside your head tube or even your rear bike light that can follow the movement of your bike at all times, leading you directly to the house of the thief.

The SpyBike device is a GPS tracker disguised to look like a normal headset cap in order to avoid any suspicion from would be thieves. If someone steals your bike, you can use SpyBike to track their movements in real time both online and on your mobile.

When you lock up your bike, you arm the GPS tracker with a special keyring. If your bike starts to move when armed, the SpyBike device sends you an SMS based alert then automatically starts uploading its current position. You can immediately log on to the free to use website to see the exact whereabouts of your bike.

SpyBike GPS Tracker

The SpyBike contains a rechargeable lithium battery that can go for months between charges. You just need to remember to disarm the GPS tracker before hopping on your bike, otherwise it will track your entire ride. The SpyBike device will even send you an SMS when the battery runs low, letting you know it is time for a recharge.

SpyBike charges only for the device (£97.50) and not the actual GPS tracking service. As a fallback to the GPS, the device requires you to install a pay-as-you-go SIM card in order to send you alerts and take advantage of the less accurate but more indoor friendly GSM location based services.

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