Thumb Activated Sippy Cup For Adults

Stanley Evolution Water Bottle

Food and beverage container maker Stanley has created the ultimate sippy cup for adults. No more unscrewing of lids just to get at your water. Instead, the Evolution bottle offers an innovative design for simple one-handed, leak-proof drinking. 

The Stanley Evolution water bottle enables you to drink on the go using only one hand. A large, thumb-activated push button opens the top spout where a relatively high flow rate of liquid can be drunk at once, but not so much you spill it all over yourself as with most wide mouth water bottles.

With the sippy cup style top, I was mostly worried the Evolution bottle was going to leak when shoved in my pack. The last thing I wanted was a wet belay jacket and extra pair of gloves when out climbing. Happily, I had no problems with water leakage, even after rapid changes in altitude. 

Built with stainless steel and Stanley's proprietary eCycle material, the Evolution bottle is dishwasher safe and the lid disassembles to allow for easy cleaning. The water bottle even holds duct tape well for those on trail repairs or blister taping.

The Evolution water bottle will fit into most standard bike cages or car cup holders, while a folding finger loop lets you clip the bottle safely to your pack. 

The Stanley Evolution water bottle comes in two different colors (cobalt, bonsai) and retails for $18. 

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