Teva Asks Why Go Minimalist?

TevaSphere collection

Why should your footwear force you to adopt a completely new style of running? This was the question asked by Teva after studies have shown that most runners continue to heel strike when switching to minimalist footwear, resulting in a high level of injuries. Instead, Teva decided to create an outdoor shoe that offers more support than minimalist footwear but not quite the same level of traditional over-protected running shoes.

The new TevaSphere series features a collection outdoor cross trainers built to support your feet over a variety of terrain, taking you from the trail to the pavement. In place of a fully cushioned outsole and midsole combination, Teva uses a spherical heel and pod-based arch support system in the unique Spider365 rubber based outsole of the TevaSphere.

TevaSphere outdoor cross trainer

The spherical heel, versus traditional square heel, lowers your point of contact with the ground for a more natural impact and then helps roll your foot forward for a more efficient transition. The pod-arch system gives you extra point of contact support only where needed over certain terrain. These side supports offer stability over uneven ground without adding too much extra weight.

The TevaSphere collection includes four different outdoor cross trainer styles: Speed, Trail, Trail eVent, and Trail Mid eVent. The Speed ($120) uses quick-dry materials in the upper, perfect for running on pavement or in summer conditions.

The Trail ($120) is a women’s only cross trainer, adding a toe bumper for added protection. The Trail eVent ($140) is available for both men and women, featuring an eVent breathable waterproof membrane to help keep your feet dry in muddy or wet conditions. The Teva Mid eVent is the same but with a mid-cut height.

The TevaSphere collection will hit the shelves starting February 2013.

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