Gloves, Not Just For Winter Anymore

OR Air Brake Gloves

Gloves are normally associated with winter sports but many summer activities, such as climbing and mountain biking, require some form of hand protection as well. Most of us remember to cover up or apply sunscreen when partaking in our favorite summer outdoor activity but the backs of the hands are often overlooked, an oversight that sun gloves could easily address.

Outdoor Research has created two new belay/rappel gloves for both men and women, the Air Brake ($49) and the Seam Seeker ($45). Both gloves feature soft yet durable leather palms that will protect your hands from rope burn, with reinforcement on areas that are likely to see the most wear. Gel packs built into the palms offer a little extra padding while also helping to dissipate heat from a quick running rope when on rappel.

Outdoor Research Air Brake climbing gloves

Polyester-spandex fabric used on the back of the hand makes the Air Brake climbing gloves dexterous and easy to get on and off. Strategically placed ventilation holes ensure your hands won’t overheat in the summer sun, while a carabiner loop helps you quickly stow the gloves on your harness when not in use.

The Seam Seeker climbing gloves sport the same features as the Air Brake but remove the fingers for better use in aid climbing or Via Ferratas. The back of the hand is made from an ultra-durable abrasion resistant material for those times you are jumaring or working your way up a crack.

For general summertime outdoor sports like cycling, running, and hiking, Outdoor Research has created the lightweight Chroma Sun Gloves ($30). Providing UPF 50+ sun protection with a fully perforated synthetic suede palm for grip, these sun gloves will keep your hands looking young for years.

Dakine Concept Gloves

Dakine revealed a pair of extremely thin and lightweight mountain bike gloves called the Concept Gloves ($30). The back of the glove is made from a 4-way stretch nylon mesh, with the palm covered in a vented silicone mesh for bomber grip on your handlebars. The fingers are touchscreen compatible so you can run your Strava app while on the trail and a microfleece thumb panel is useful for the occasional sweat wipe.

All these summer gloves will be available by late winter/early spring.

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