Fold Up Shoe Fits In Your Jersey Pocket

Footbrake fold up shoes

Stopping for a coffee or snack break while out on your bike can be a bit awkward at times. Navigating slippery floors or walking big distances is never easy in your cycling shoes. New company Footbrake has created a fold up shoe that fits in your jersey pocket for use at your next rest stop.

Basically a fold up flip flop, the Footbrake lets you leave your cycling shoes with the bike and give your feet a little bit of air and comfort during your break. The size of your cell phone, these fold up shoes save you from having to wear a backpack during longer rides just to carry some shoes and your wallet. You still have to walk around in your spandex kit, however.

Footbrake Fold Up Shoe

Founded by Ohio cycling buddies Marjie Hancock and Jill Beckett-Hill, the idea for Footbrake was born while on vacation here in Napa Valley. Wanting to explore St. Helena after riding into town, one person in their group finally broke down and purchased some cheap foam shoes just to comfortably walk around town.

Footbrake plans to not only ride with you on the bike but hit the slopes with you this winter as well. The team developed a full style fold up shoe that fits into your jacket pocket that you can slip on over your wool socks for walking around the chalet. Simply leave your clunky ski boots at the door.

The Footbrake fold up shoes retail for $24.99. It appears the bike (flip flop) version is available now, with the ski version soon to follow.

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