Critical Cycles Fixie

Critical Cycles
sells sturdy, affordable, steel frame fixies that are ideal for riding around town. With numerous color combinations to choose from, you get the look of a customized bike without the customized price. The company recently sent me one of their fixies to test out around the streets of Mill Valley. 

The bike arrives almost completely put together in a big box -all you need to do is install the handlebars, front wheel, pedals, and seat. Anyone with common sense can assemble the bike, as the hardest part about building a fixie is the rear wheel and that arrives already attached. The fixie comes complete with all the tools you need for assembly, including three sizes of Allen wrench and a Cone wrench.

Critical Cycles points you to the build video on YouTube that shows you step by step instructions on how to build your bike. One tip- I would recommend using some Park Tool Anti-Seize Compound on the seat post as you are sliding metal into metal. 

The Critical Cycles bike includes a flip-flop hub so that you can ride it as fixed-gear or easily switch cogs and cruise on your freewheel like a standard single-speed. I chose to ride mine as a single-speed so I can coast down all the hills around my house.

Critical Cycles fixie

Speaking of hills, one of the first things I did was change out the front chain ring (46T) for a smaller one (39T) to make easier work of riding up steep hills. The front chain ring has a BMX size Bolt Circle Diameter (BCD), not a road bike one, making it slightly more challenging to find a smaller chain ring to use.  

Even with the smaller ring, I have to work hard to get back up the hill to my house when I am wearing a backpack full of groceries. The smaller ring also means I can't go too fast on the flats, but I consider that an acceptable compromise. All you flatlanders will be just fine with the standard setup. 

The nice thing about the Critical Cycles fixie is that it comes with a rear brake. While the brake is removable, it is always good to have a backup plan at all times, especially with hills. The front fork is drilled for a brake if you want to add on a front brake as well.

In order to keep the price down, the Critical Cycles fixie uses a generic, no-frills frame made of heavy weight steel, with no cable bosses or water bottle bosses, meaning you need to use zip ties to manage your cables. A more relaxed geometry makes it easier to ride in urban environments than a fixie with traditional track geometry. The wheels are also heavy but bombproof, great for riding through hazardous city streets. The low price point means you won't be as heartbroken if your fixie gets stolen while you are enjoying your PBR or filter coffee. 

Bottom Line: Critical Cycles could be called the Uniqlo of fixies, offering good looking urban transport at an affordable price. 

The Critical Cycles Fixies
are available in frame sizes 49cm, 53cm, 57cm, and in more than 10 color combinations. The fixies retail for $220 (excluding tax) and can be ordered either from Amazon or the company website.  

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  1. these bikes are pieces of **** and so is the company that makes them. the bike arrived with production damage and they told me it was shipping, even though the box was totally pristine and the bike had ZERO deformities, and the area of the issue had no dents or scrapes or bending. (post hole was not circular). i tried to contact them for assistance and they had me jump through all these hoops, send pictures blabla only to then be like o well its not our problem because you got it from amazon and they resell our products so our product guarantee doesnt count now even though WE shipped the bike to them damaged. and the guy was a dick. dont bother getting it. there are vilano’s for the same price that are better. also! they sell this crap with a rear brake set up which is total insanity because the rear wheel IS its own brake! like why would you brake on a wheel that will stop turning as you stop peddling?! they had no answer for me on that one other than it was for “novices”. which when translated means: i have no clue why we do that but thats just how it comes. these guys totally jumped on the fixie bandwagon when it became super popular around the time that HORRIBLE movie came out..premium rush.

  2. Been riding mine for about two months now over all for the price it’s a good bike and looks cool. The weight is a bit of a down fall but not to bad. Riding the bike hard it seems pretty sturdy from 10 mile rides to pulling tricks not the best but gets the job done. I defiantly wish a front break was installed over the back riding fixed I can skid the back but in a dangerous situation front control would be nice also. The rear brake though helped me feel more comfortable skidding down hill. The foot straps are complete garbage plastic and metal pedals. I will be replacing those soon. With quality and price I’d give this bike a 4.5 out of 5. In eating overall compared to fixies I’d give it a three. As being my first fixed gear I am 100% happy with my purchase.

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